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Here’s how to manage connection options in Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones [One UI 3.1]

Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones were launched with the latest One UI 3.1, sitting on Android 11, and brought up a wealth of features for Samsung users – some you’ll have seen before, some you’ll be encountering for the first time.

Following the episodes of tips and tricks, today we will tell you to understand and manage connection options in S21 smartphones. Here’s an in-depth guide to getting you familiar with these in the premium phones.

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Connection options on the Galaxy S21 smartphones

How to set up eSIM

If eSIM is enabled on your device, you’ll be invited to set this up when you first set up the device. If want to do it after initial setup, head into settings > connections > SIM card manager > add the mobile plan. This will let you set up your eSIM.

How to use Samsung DeX 

The desktop experience (DeX) is a standard feature on the Galaxy S21 allowing you to use your phone as a desktop computer either via a PC or with a TV or monitor. First, you’ll have to turn on DeX on the phone in settings > advanced features > Samsung DeX.

Once you’ve toggled it on, you’ll either have to install the Samsung DeX app on your PC or you’ll have to connect the monitor to your phone via the USB-C connection on the bottom. It will also work through USB-C hubs.

Call and text on other devices 

Using the Samsung account, you can allow calls and messages to come through on other Samsung devices, like a tablet, meaning you don’t have to change devices all the time when working.

Head into settings > advanced features > call and text on other devices and turn it on. That will mean texts and calls to the number on your phone will be synced with your other Samsung devices.

Manage Android Auto on your Samsung device

Samsung phones will let you customize the Android Auto experience. Head into settings > advanced settings > Android Auto. Here you can customize the apps you are shown in Android Auto as well as change some other settings.

That’s it for now!

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