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How to fix network signal issues on OnePlus phones?

What you should do when your OnePlus smartphone faces signal issue?

OnePlus has launched several smartphone products to date, however, being technical stuff it’s normal to have a signal issue. Accordingly, we are here to suggest you a few measures that you can take to avoid such issues. In addition, you can also learn what type of problems results in the low network of your device.


Common signal-related issues

A number of signal issue appears not just with OnePlus but with every smartphone. These issues could be one of the following:

  • Weak Signal Strength
  • No Service/Searching
  • Signal Drops/Disconnection

What you should do when your OnePlus smartphone faces signal issue?

Measures to be taken:

Weak Signal Strength

  • Please check to make sure the network strength is good in your location.
  • Try a different location if possible

No Service/Searching: The phone shows no service/searching under normal signal services

  • Make sure the SIM card is inserted correctly. Try re-inserting or put the SIM card in another slot to see if that helps.
  • Check if the SIM card is in good condition. If often happens due to the the bad condition of SIM that the network seems to be normal in the present location, and there is no downtime, however, it still does not work efficiently.
  • Try to replace the SIM card with a replacement from the same operator.

Signal Drops/Disconnects: The Phone’s network drops/disconnnects under normal signal service

  • Make sure the device is not blocked by other metals. If the signal is very bad, move to another location if possible.

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