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How to use OxygenOS Canvas AOD wallpaper feature on OnePlus devices

About Canvas AOD, it simply takes a photo of a person, sets it as your wallpaper, activates the Canvas! It’s always on your screen. Canvas works better with faces, so try to find a photo with a clear outline.

Canvas can not only revive your treasured moments but the outline on the ambient display can also be used to create a smooth transition from the Ambient display to the Home screen.

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So, if you head to the ‘Wallpapers’ section of the latest OxygenOS version, you can use this feature. You can find the Canvas AOD feature in the wallpaper settings. After selecting the option, you’ll be able to choose any picture you want.

After that, turn off the display, and now tap on the display to see the wallpaper. Remember, the Always-on Display feature must be activated.



Here is the easy guide:

  • New AOD Style – Canvas – is now available.
  • You can find it by going to Settings
  • Customization
  • Canvas
  • Choose Picture

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