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OxygenOS 11 Tip: How to clone apps in OnePlus 9 smartphone?

While you see a lot of options in the OxygenOS 11, one of the vital features we find is the dual apps function or you can say the Parallel Apps feature.

This feature is present not only in OnePlus 9 smartphones but also in the other offerings of the company for quite a long time, but with the timely updates in the OS, it gets quite better and easy to use. However, it is built-in with the phone, so you don’t need to download any third-party app for cloning apps.

Using this feature makes sense if you are having two accounts in the same app, for instance, you have two WhatsApp accounts, Snapchat accounts, or maybe two or more Facebook or Messenger logins, this feature can be very handy for those who want all their accounts to be active simultaneously.

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How to use it?

Head towards the Settings on your OnePlus device, swipe to the bottom, and tap on Utilities where you will find a few options for your OnePlus smartphone including App Locker, Quick Launch, Pocket Mode, Work-Life Balance, Parallel Apps.

Tap on the Parallel Apps and choose the apps you want to clone, tap the slider to the right of the apps to clone or duplicate.

Once you turn on the app slider, you will see a toast notification at the bottom which shows that the clone app has been created. You can see the cloned or duplicate app in the app drawer.

While if you can’t identify the cloned app. You will see two apps one with a small orange symbol in the corner of the app icon, this indicates the cloned version of the app.

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