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OxygenOS 13: Rich Communication Services

OnePlus is running its OxygenOS 13 beta for users, which brings many new and advanced changes, features, functions, and more to enhance productivity. One of the main features we have noticed is the RCS functioning, yes with OxygenOS 13 company has adopted it.


RCS is a messaging feature, it’s just like a messaging app that we have on our Android devices, in the form of SMS. But in that regular SMS, we can only send text messages and can not even notice if the other person has seen your message or not.

But with Rich communication service, you will be able to see the receiving of the message on your device as we do on our third-party applications like Messenger and all. You can even send users images, videos, your location, and much more without any internet connection.

OxygenOS 13 RCS

With the help of RCS, you can perform several tasks just like you do in your mostly famous apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, etc. You can chat with your family and loved ones and can even send them high-res images, videos, audio, live locations, and much more.

Notably, this RCS function is currently been supported by most smartphone brands, but the OnePlus is too late to adopt it. The company has now only added it with OxygenOS 13. Additionally, the RCS feature is supposed to be added soon to iOS-powered devices.

Furthermore, to use the RCS feature in your OxygenOS-powered device, users must download the most recent version of their favorite SMS app, or Google Messages and make sure that the same SIM card that is used for data is also the default for calls if your phone supports more than one SIM card.

Rich Communication Service

RCS- Rich communication service is a smarter way to send text messages, rather than accepting the limited features of a standard SMS. RCS makes it easy and fast for users to group text their friends, send high-res images and videos, and receive time-sensitive updates from businesses.

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