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Samsung One UI 4.0 tips and tricks: How to change settings in Digital wellbeing and parental controls

Every person wants a well-maintained balance between their Digital and practical life to live a healthy life. If you are also wanted to balance your Digital and practical life then the Digital wellbeing and parental control feature is the best choice for you. In this article, we will tell you how to change settings in Digital wellbeing and parental controls.

If you don’t know what is Digital wellbeing and parental controls? As its name suggests, this feature monitors and manages your digital habits by getting a daily view of how frequently you use apps, how many notifications you receive, and how often you check your device. Then it uses the collected data to maintain your daily digital activity.

You can also change its settings according to your daily work schedule.

How to change settings in Digital wellbeing and parental controls:

  • Step1: Navigate to settings.
  • Step2: Digital Wellbeing and parental controls
  • Step3: Click on Dashboard to view the following and Customize it according to your need.
    • Screen time: View how long an app has been opened and used each day.
    • Notifications received: View how many notifications have been received from an app each day.
    • Unlocks: View how many times an app has been opened each day.

Your goals

    • Screen time: Set a screen time goal and view your daily average.
    • App timers: Set a daily limit for how long you use each app.

Ways to disconnect

    • Focus mode: Limit app usage for set periods to avoid distractions from your device.
    • Bedtime mode: Schedule when to change the screen to grayscale and mute calls, alerts, and other sounds.

Comfort care

    • Volume monitor: Choose a sound source to monitor the volume and keep your ears safe.

Check on your kids

    • Parental controls: Supervise your children’s digital life with Google’s Family Link app. You can choose apps, set content filters, keep an eye on screen time, and set screen time limits.

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