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What is Raise to wake in OxygenOS 13, here’s how it works on OnePlus device

OnePlus 9 Pro OxygenOS 13 F.19 update

OnePlus rolling out an Android 13-based OxygenOS 13 beta update for some eligible devices, and the beta brings lots of new features advancements, and customization options for you. Whereas, the OnePlus device already furnishes lots of amazing features one of them being Raise to wake.


Raise to back is the feature that helps you to wake your smartphone display by just uplifting your OxygenOS 13 running OnePlus device. It is the same feature as the double-to-wake, only the difference is that here you have to raise your phone up from the surface.

OxygenOS is often considered the cleanest and most useful variant of Android. However, with these great features, the company is trying to provide OnePlus device owners with a better than the best user interface, and the collaboration with ColorOS is like a cherry on the cake.

OnePlus 9 June 2022 Patch
Raise to Wake

When you raise your OxygenOS OnePlus device to look at it, it automatically wakes the Lock Screen. From there, you can quickly check your notifications, access Control Center, swipe left to take a photo, or swipe right to access widgets.

The Raise to wake feature helps users to have easy access to their phone, it also saves time in a decent way. Because, if you enabled this feature, then you will not need to press the power button again and again, it will work simply by raising your phone upward.

How to enable Raise to Wake on OnePlus OxygenOS 13

Head over to your OnePlus device Settings section, here scroll down and tap on the Special feature option. Once it done, again scroll down and go to the bottom section. Here tap on the Gesture and Motion option, once you open it, there is the option of Raise to Wake, nothing to do much. Just toggle it On and its done.

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