Huawei Celia Voice App testing AI volume control and WeChat optimizations

Huawei Celia Voice Assistant

Huawei started to test two new features for its AI voice assistant application- Celia Voice App. As the public testing progresses further, the application is getting richer in terms of features day by day.

According to the reportings of HuaweiCentral, the company is testing AI volume control and WeChat optimizations with the new beta update. As per the info, the Celia Voice Assistant version has an installation size of 67MB.

Aside from the two new testings, this version will also support new Chinese wake-up gestures. To be more precise, after recognizing the specific gesture, the AI Assistant will wake up the system, excluding extra struggle with other commands and processes.

Moving ahead to the intelligent volume control, Huawei Celia Assistant will offer separate volume settings. Furthermore, the WeChat message interface gets new optimizations. From now on, the Celia app provides better collaboration with WeChat creating an interactive interface.

Huawei Celia volume control

However, keep in mind, this latest update rolling out under beta activity. So there could be some adapting problems or some bugs might appear after the installation. Though, it takes no worries as it’ll be a matter of time.

About Celia Voice Assistant:

The Celia Voice Assistant is the virtual interactive assistant developed by Huawei. It listens to your queries and responds to them so you can get things done hands-free. Users can invoke it by long-pressing the home power button on Huawei smartphones or by saying the wake-up word- “Hy Celia”.

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