Apple’s iOS 15 and watchOS 8 beta 3 lets users install software updates in less storage availability

Apple has resolved the problem where the users with less available storage couldn’t install the software update on their devices. According to the latest release note of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and watchOS 8, the company made this clear to the users.

Here’s what’s in the release note by Apple:

Software Update

Resolved in watchOS 8/iOS 15 beta 3: You can now update your device using Software Update if less than 500 MB of storage is available. (78474912)

The release note clarifies that the devices with even less than 500MB can install the latest software updates on their iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Though the company hasn’t clarified how it’s gonna work.

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If that goes into consideration, then it might prove to be a good deal for some old iPhone and Apple Watch users who don’t have enough storage left on their devices and comes with just 8GB of internal storage.

Apple is expected to release both the iOS 15 and watch OS 8 later this year and probably somewhere around September. Currently, both of these software’s is under public beta testing and the users can install them by participating in the beta activity.

Apple released iOS 15 public beta 3

In the related story, Apple has seeded the third beta update of its upcoming iOS 15 version. The company has added some more tweaks and functionalities to the features like Focus, Safari, Music Widgets, and more. Check details here


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