OnePlus Watch getting B.52 firmware update with new AI outfit watchface funtion

OnePlus launched its first-ever smartwatch alongside the OnePlus 9 series phones. The watch comes with a bunch of premium features such as excellent battery life, outstanding performance, and more.

But it lacks some of the key features on the smartwatch, and the price of these features is almost double compared to others. This made OnePlus’ first attempt at a smartwatch somewhat disappointing, but the company promised to resolve these shortcomings through software updates.

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It seems that the Chinese OEM is gradually trying to fill the gap with the software updates.It can be identified with version B.52. The new update for the OnePlus Watch has started to roll out that brings some new features. It adds multiple workout modes and after updating you’ll have 110 workout modes.

Further, there is an AI Outfit watch face function that comes with Oppo Watch. What it does is, generates the watch faces from the picture of the user’s outfit. and Lastly, the update also brings a Marathon running function.


  • Add multiple workout modes. Now you have more than 110 workout modes;
  • Add Marathon running function;
  • Add AI Outfit watchface function.

Use tip:

  • Try to tap the screen on some watch face, you may find a hidden funtion!

Please make sure that the power of the watch is more than 40% before upgrading;
Please keep your watch and mobile phone close and keep the Bluetooth connection during the upgrade process.


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