Google Assistant getting shortcuts FAB and Catch up on news card

Last month, the Assistant included a command ‘Hey Google, show me my day’ for recap feed launch on Android. And now, Google adds two new Snapshots features the shortcuts FAB (floating action button) and Catch up on news.

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Catch up on news:

‘Catch up on news’ is a card, which shows your top 5 stories. This card is expanded by default to show a carousel, including different information regarding articles. (Via 9to5Google)

Open News can be found underneath the swipeable card list consisting of For You and Headlines tabs. As with other cards, you can disable News articles in Google Assistant Snapshot settings under ‘Recommendations’.


The new FAB button is placed on the bottom-right corner with four colored + icon. Once touched, it launches “Add new”feed, depending on what devices are connected and more of the users are only seeing “Reminder”.

The Shortcuts FAB is now available on Assistant, while Catch up on news is rolling out now.

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