Google Camera 7.5 comes with a new ‘PXL’ file names for pictures and videos

Google Camera is the stock camera app for the Google Pixel phones. It has official support for advanced features like Astrophotography and some others. The latest version of Google Camera brings many new features.

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With the latest version, GCAm introduces a new “PXL” naming convention for photos and videos. This new feature is currently only available on Android 11. This PXL naming feature helps users to clearly distinguish Pixel images and makes the naming more user-friendly.

Google Camera 7.5 saves images or videos captured on Pixel phones start with “PXL” instead of the fairly standard “IMG.” Meanwhile, Night Sight shots append “NIGHT” after the date and a string of numbers, and Portrait adds “PORTRAIT.”

For example:

  • PXL_20200820_141005222.jpg
  • PXL_20200820_143015285.NIGHT.jpg
  • PXL_20200820_143019420.PORTRAIT-01.COVER.jpg
  • PXL_20200820_142352990.mp4

Motion Photos drop “MVIMG” for a simpler “MP,” while RAW images get the same treatment and are only distinguished by the .dng ending. Videos also replace “VID” with “PXL” and the only way to identify is by looking at the file format.

PXL naming features is widely rolled out to users on the beta, while Android 10 users cannot install the new release because it still features GCam 7.4. Recently, Pixel 4a 5G get Gcam 7.5, which provides a set of new features for a better user experience.

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