Google Chrome testing new history feature that can remember bookmarks, tab groups, browsing history and more

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Google Chrome is the most popular web browser introduced by Google in 2008 that offers secure internet surfing. It also has a functionality that can hold your searches for a longer time which is called history.

Now the history section of Chrome is testing a new feature in history. Google Chrome browser Canary channel has introduced a new feature called Memories, which can record user’s historical operations.

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Unlike the current “History” function, the Memories function can not only remember the user’s browsing history but also when the user added bookmarks, which tab groups have been created, etc.

The user can also find past Web trends through the search bar. Google Chrome browser is testing an enhanced version of “History”: it can remember the user’s bookmarks, tab groups, browsing history, etc.

This feature is currently pushed to users of the Canary channel of the Google Chrome browser and needs to be turned on manually.

Open the Chrome browser, enter chrome://flags in the taskbar, enter “Memories” in the search bar of experimental options, and change the option on the right side of the result to Enabled.

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