Google reduces Play Store fees for subscriptions and music streaming apps

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Yesterday, Google announced new moves to make sales in the Google Play Store more attractive to developers. Currently, the company charges 30% for all registered sales and drops it to 15% after one year.

Meanwhile, from 2022, developers will be charged 15% on payment from day one. On the other hand, Google is also moving to reduce the fee for apps registered under the Play Media Experience program by 10%.


Following the report by Google, the new fee structure will start from January 1, 2022, and will benefit 99% of engineers. This means that if you purchase a subscription to the Google Play Store later that day, Google will charge the developer only 15% of the initial payment.

Google will also make changes to the apps and services within the Play Media Experience app. These apps are built with support for platform experiences like Google TV, Android Auto, Google Wear, and Google Cast in exchange for a 15% discount. From January 1, 2022, this amount will be reduced to 10%,

Google’s new movements come in the wake of attempts by developers to challenge the Google Play Store and Apple App Store as a 30% nuisance. The company has put in a lot of hard work in this regard, reducing the commission it charges small business owners (making less than $1 million a year) to 15%.

This would not be enough to stop other countries such as South Korea from ordering them to open their Play Store to use other payment methods, but such a move would go a long way in ending the ongoing discontent from developers and content providers. Will get Google cites Bumble and Duolingo as examples of partners who have responded positively to the change.

Google Apps


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