Google to add new search formats for Play Store

Google Play Store is one of the most used applications, it offers millions of apps for your Android phone, but sometimes users face downloading errors. So to fix this issue Google is planning to release a new feature with the upcoming update.


According to Mishaal Rahman, Google will roll out a new update for Play Store with version 33.2, which will allow users to install the latest version for apps that are crashing. And the updated version of the app will resolve the app smashing and give users a wonderful experience.

Not only this but with the latest update the Google Play Store will also get new formats for search results, updates for the game cluster views on Play for Chromebooks, an update for the Kid’s menu format on large-screen devices, and the ability to allow automatic updates over limited mobile data connections.

Moreover, the Google Play system has revealed the details of the November 2022 update for Google Play Store. According to the support page, users are going to receive several new optimations some bug fixes and performance enhancements.

The details also mention optimations to the Wallet app, for your better understanding you can check the details below.

Google Play System update for November 2022

  • Account Management
      • [Phone] Allow supervised users that do not have time limit features enabled to make changes to the device clock.


  • Critical Fixes
      • [Phone] Bug fixes for Account Management, and System Management & Diagnostics related services.


  • Developer Services
      • [Phone] Enable photo picker support back to Android 4.4.


  • Google Play Store
      • New Features to help you discover the Apps & Games you love.
      • Optimizations allowing faster and more reliable download and installation.
      • Continuous improvements to Play Protect to keep your device safe.
      • Various performance optimizations, bug fixes and improvements to security, stability and accessibility.
      • [Phone] New formats for search results.
      • [Phone] Help users to resolve app crashes with new update prompts.
      • [Phone] Updates to game cluster views on Play for Chromebooks.
      • [Phone] Update to Kids menu format on large screen devices.
      • [Phone] Allow automatic updates over limited mobile data of Google Play apps for users who do not have regular access to WIFI.


  • Support
      • [Phone] Updated user education experience for new Android features.


  • Wallet
    • [Phone] Allows merchants to create the GPay button dynamically to customize it.
    • [Phone] API update to allow deep links to additional Google Wallet screens.
    • [Phone] Improvements to SMART Health Card support within Wallet.
    • [Phone] Wallet users can selectively exclude loyalty cards imported from Gmail.
    • [Phone] Expand FeliCa payment support to all FeliCa-capable devices in Japan.
    • [Phone] Verification notification for users completing an Online transaction with GPay button.
    • [Phone] Restrict Passes to a single device or user.