New Google Drive feature lets users easily access search directory

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Google is regularly working to improve Drive’s search engine with a powerful tool called the Search Chip. Because it is not easy to find files in Google Drive, and it becomes very fracturing. For this, Google has now released a new feature to take the user experience to the next level.


Previously, Gmail‘s search chip went online, and now it’ll help you better browse through files in Drive. Using this new feature, entering a query and clicking on the search icon will automatically generate several interactive filters under the search bar.

When using general search terms, you will get too many results, which makes it difficult to find the specific file you need. But now with these new search chips, you can organize projects by file type (Google Doc, PDF, Image, etc.), location, last modified date, and who has access to it.

Google Apps

The filters will help users optimize searches, display, and find more relevant results. The hard drive’s search chip is currently in the beta testing stage, which means it can be used by all customers of Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and G Suite Business.

Administrators can fill out the form to register their domain name in the program, and users who accept the group will receive the search chip function by default when registering.

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