Spotify offers offline music downloads to Apple Watch owners

Spotify announced that Apple Watch owners who have subscribed to the premium plan can now download music and podcasts for offline playback. Earlier this week at the 2021 I/O conference, Google’s Wear OS announced a similar feature.

With new features, Apple Watch owners can download playlists, albums, and podcasts directly on their wrists. Apple Watch owners can also use existing features, such as Connect & Control and support for Siri. The latter feature will allow users to speak a phrase, such as “Hey Siri, play my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify.”

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Spotify said in the press release: “The ability to download music and podcasts is a complement to the existing feature, which can stream the content of your favorites from the watch, and now you don’t even have to carry your phone with you,” “It’s perfect for the next time. Run, or keep your hands focused while cooking.”

Interestingly, Spotify stated that this is the first iteration of Spotify’s highly demanding download experience on Apple Watch, so it can continue to evolve. Once more people use the feature, the company will solicit feedback to better improve the feature.

To download music to Apple Watch, simply navigate to the music or podcast you want to download to the watch. After selecting, press the three dots (…), and then select “Download to Apple Watch”. After downloading the product, you will see a small green arrow next to it. After that, simply connect the headset to the Apple Watch to turn it off.

Spotify previously introduced the ability to stream music directly from Apple’s wearable devices, and there is no iPhone nearby. Prior to this, Apple’s wearable devices were more like remote controls. Of course, you need a cellular or Wi-Fi connection to make this feature work.

Offline downloads of Apple Watch are available today and will be promoted to all users around the world in the next few weeks.


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