Telegram update brings themed icon, improved animations and more

Telegram animations icons Android

Telegram is one of the most secure and independent messaging apps with a large number of users. It brings improvements and updates to give a more reliable experience to its users. As for now, the Telegram update in Android adds new animations and themed icons.

Although the additions are limited to the premium users only. Yet, other users can have access to some of the additions. Through this, Telegram wants to attract more users to take the subscription and become premium users. Moreover, there are now more premium features to explore.

Let’s check in a bit of detail to find out what the update brings for the premium and other free users:

For Premium Users:

Telegram offers a bit more for these users. These users get increased limits for almost everything in the app as it is a paid version. In this regard,  in the emoji panel, there are now thousands of emojis available.

Furthermore, they can now react with three animated emojis to a particular message. Also, they can set the status with any emoji of their choice.

For Free Users:

The update for free users brings new emojis to the emoji panel. However, they can see the emojis available for premium users but cannot have access to them.

Notably, both users are provided with their username link in a new format that is [username]

Most importantly, the themed icons for Android support the Material You feature of Android 13. Now the icons will adopt the color of your theme to give a beautiful look to your display.

Telegram animations icons Android

This update is now available to download for all users.  Upgrade your Telegram app from the Play Store to experience the new animations and themed icons on your Android phone.


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