YouTube website gets new voice search and control feature

by Ashish

YouTube has recently added voice control for playback and searches to its website. As per this feature, users can click the microphone icon on the right side of the search bar to start sending voice commands to search for videos. Once the user allows access to the microphone on the computer, a box will appear with the word ‘Listening’ displayed, and any previous video playback will be paused.

This function can also search through personal collections, call up viewing history and library, or collect any latest videos of the user’s subscribed channels. If it is required to display the latest video of a specific channel, the voice search box will jump directly to the video and start playing. Clicking the microphone button in the box will pause or restart YouTube’s monitoring of search terms.

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This new function is basically the same as the voice search function added to the YouTube mobile app many years ago. To some extent, it’s amazing how long it took for voice commands to extend to websites. It has been nearly half a year since Google Assistant started to play personal YouTube music playlists.

Regardless of the reason, YouTube’s voice search makes sense. For children who don’t type and may have difficulty spelling, voice control may become a new favorite tool for them to find their favorite toy unboxing videos, of course, provided that they have their parents’ permission.


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