Google will take measures to provide stable services in Korea

by Mohit

South Korea’s ICT ministry announces that US tech giant Google is taking steps to provide sustainable services in South Korea. It was the first company to come under the country’s revised law that holds online content providers accountable for service errors.

Recently, several Google services, including YouTube, Gmail, and Google Calendar, went crashed for an hour around the globe, prompting the Ministry of Science and ICT to look into it.

The ministry said Google encountered an authentication system error for 50 minutes later that day because no storage space had been allocated for the system in the previous repair session.

The company told the ministry last month that it had not yet received compensation claims worldwide for the service error.


The ministry also said that Google would take steps to detect such issues in advance and notify local users of future service failures through Korean social media channels.

Following the appearance of a review of the South Korean Telecommunications Business Act last year, large online content providers were asked to report service errors and take steps to provide consistent services.

The global technology giants like Google, Facebook, and Netflix, as well as local rivals Naver, Kakao, and Streaming Services Wavve, accounts for online companies that account for 1 percent or more of the country’s average daily data traffic in the last three months of the year.

Additionally, the ministry said it is also planning to review Wavve’s service error next, which partially stopped its video-on-demand service.


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