Next OxygenOS update will fix clock widget display issues for devices: OnePlus

OnePlus OxygenOS update clock widget issues

We have entered a new month, and OnePlus is promising to fix the known issues and improve the device experience for its users. To begin with, the company has said that it will fix the clock widget issues for the OnePlus devices with the next OxygenOS update.

Ironically, clock and time layout-related issues have become a common problem for almost every OnePlus user. Either the alignment of the time on the lock screen is not perfect, or the region name of the clock widget is not displayed completely.

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Of course, the problem is not so huge that one has to lose their mind over it. Besides, it does not even hamper the functioning of the smartphone. However, more than any hindrance, it’s a matter of annoyance for OnePlus device owners.

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Fortunately, the company has now made some official words on this subject through the mediator. As per the revealings, the issue regards the design specifications of the Operation system. It mainly happens when multiple languages need to be embedded. The same is true for other Android devices as well.

OnePlus OxygenOS update clock widget issues

Furthermore, if the characters of the region name in the clock exceed the limit, the excess part will be displayed as “…”. This is why, OnePlus users often face clock widget issues in their devices, but it will soon resolve with the next OxygenOS update.

Yes! This won’t be the case anymore. As of now, the company has identified this problem and optimized it accordingly. The manufacturer has confirmed that the device will display 4 characters in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, and 8 characters in other languages.

Consequently, the tech giant said to include the optimizations in subsequent versions. Thus, we could soon find some new offerings in the upcoming OxygenOS upgrades. Many of the device owners were facing this issue. Hence, we could find the fixed attachment with the March 2023 security update.

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