5 years old OnePlus 6T supports Huawei HarmonyOS software

OnePlus 6T HarmonyOS software

Amazing! OnePlus 6T smartphone is now able to run Huawei HarmonyOS (OpenHarmony) software. As per the details given by a Chinese developer, the phone is working efficiently with the touch screen and other key features of the respective operating system.

So far, the OnePlus 6 and 6T series received their last update with the OxygenOS firmware on December 3, 2021. Thereafter, we didn’t hear any rollout or iteration support for the 5-year-old devices. Thus, it’s no less than a surprise to find HarmonyOS software running on the OnePlus 6T handset.

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Consequently, the developer states that OnePlus 6T has embarked on the open-source HarmonyOS operating system. The latest build is OpenHarmonyOS 3.2 Beta 5, while the kernel is based on Linux 6.1. Though the phone also supports the 5.10 kernel version, due to some technical bugs in the version, it’s not been used.

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Talking about the observations, the developer discovered that after the software installation, the handy gadget supported booting, and the display seemed normal. Although the HarmonyOS build didn’t fit completely in the device, since it’s already pre-install with the Android operating system.

OnePlus 6T HarmonyOS software

On the other hand, the developer also shared a video, which shows the device’s performance with the new software. Though OnePlus 6T’s response to the HarmonyOS firmware is quite adequate, it still lags and buffers to some extent.

Adding more, the developer mentioned that the device supports GPU functions. Yet it has not taken 2D graphics acceleration into work, which makes the overall performance and task operations a bit slow. Meanwhile, there are still some issues in terms of flashing.

OnePlus 6T HarmonyOS software

In addition to the review, the developer also shared a profound guide on how users can install the OpenHarmony operating system on their handset. The guide includes the introductory part and requirements that are mandatory before proceeding with the installation.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi Mi 6 has already been spotted running the HarmonyOS software. Now following the lead, we have OnePlus 6T in the queue. Let’s see how many devices will stand in this sequence in the time ahead.


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