CES 2021: LG’s new teaser gives a glimpse at the future of rollable phones

A few years ago it was not possible to think about foldable phones and over the years the technology has made some serious growth, we now have foldable phablets that can offer you services for both a smartphone and a tablet. Further, smartphone technology is expected to introduce some more new innovations in the field of electronic gadgets.

We have already seen many patents related to the flexible screens from several OEMs such as Samsung, Huawei, Apple, and other phone makers. These patents include different types of foldable phones such as clamp shell and typical foldable phablet like the Galaxy Z Fold from Samsung.

Recently in the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2021, many OEMs have participated to introduces their new innovations and technology. The CES event is currently underway, starting from January 11 the show will end on January 14 and more new technologies are on the way. Meanwhile coming to the main topic, LG also introduced several new products including the new OLED TV lineup, a 4K monitor, and more.

In the midst of these new products LG also teased its upcoming innovation in the smartphone segment. According to the latest news (Via – Engadget), in the CES 2021, LG teased a rollable smartphone that the company wishes to bring into the real world in the coming days. After the foldable smartphones, rollable phones are also becoming a thing that several phone manufacturers are willing to introduce in the near future.

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At the 2021 CES event, the Korean tech giant has teased the rollable smartphone with a video. The company teased the smartphone held by a person to project the ‘virtual’ at the event with Jin-hong Kim, who serves as the SVP and Head of Global Marketing at LG.

Furthermore, the company has not mentioned anything else apart from a video teaser which showed the phone rolling and decreasing its size to become a normal smartphone with a compact size.

Those days are not far away when we will see things like the rollable smartphone that can be rolled over to take the shape of a tablet and then again rolled back to form a normal smartphone. Although, it remains to be seen when we will get to see this new technology in the real life.

Perhaps, the OEMs will also face several new challenges while implementing this technology. Meanwhile, we also have several more inventions for the existing foldable phones that will be introduced in the coming time.

Several new companies such as Samsung Huawei, Xiaomi, and more are yet to bring their foldable of this year. And there are still a number of innovations left for foldable phones such as the rumored triple-fold display, Under display camera, and much more.

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