Huawei files a new patent for voiceprint recognition technology

Huawei and Duke Kunshan University have jointly enrolled for a patent related to Voiceprint recognition which was published on January 29, 2021. The patent has been registered with the publication number CN112289325A.

The patent describes a voiceprint recognition method and device are used to solve the problem of low robustness of the voiceprint recognition method in the prior art.

As per the information (Via – Huawei Central), this new technology is known as the speech recognition technology and bio-identification technology that recognizes the voice of the speaker to identify the owner.

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The method involves artificial intelligence and other related fields and specifically includes: electronic equipment prompts the user to enter a registered voice, electronic equipment collects the registered voice entered by the user, electronic equipment generates a sample voice under far-field conditions based on the registered voice, electronic device voices based on the sample voice The pattern recognition model is trained.

As of now, there is no information available if Huawei will use this technology in its upcoming smartphone or not. But we can expect such thing in the upcoming smartphones from the company.

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