Rumor: iPhone 12 could come with a 64MP camera, front night mode, and 4400mAh battery

When everyone is waiting for the iPhone 9/SE 2, we have a new rumor about the next big iPhone, iPhone 12. According to a rumor, the iPhone 12 could feature major changes in the camera department.

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According to rumor, Apple is developing an iPhone 12 with a 64MP camera with improved zoom capabilities. In addition, the company is also working on a macro camera. You will be able to get 2.2cm closer to an object and still have it in focus using macro mode. The ultra-wide lens aperture will increase by 35% to f / 1.6.

We could see significant improvements in front camera performance. The company could add the night mode support on the front camera.

The iPhone 12 Pro will support the 5G network. Its battery capacity will be 4400mAh. Additionally, we could see a Verizon exclusive Red iPhone 12 Pro with mmWave support.

As per rumors, the iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max could have 6GB of RAM.

Note: This report is based on the source, nothing is confirmed until said by the company itself.



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