Some OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro owners reportedly facing issues in 5G connectivity

5G network is designed to provide more connectivity and speed to users than ever before. Many users are praising it, while some OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro users have taken some reports to the OnePlus community forum regarding the 5G network connection problems in their devices.

According to their reports, Saudi Arabia buyers are not able to use the 5G network in their OnePlus devices but other users with their respective devices can. Even OnePlus users in other countries are not facing the issue.


A community member stated that the company has put 5G network in the devices and because only UAE users are facing this, it is a carrier issue and not an OnePlus defect. Later, the same expect confirmed that it is an issue with the OnePlus Dual SIM. Users with a single 5G SIM are not facing this kind of issue.

Some other OnePlus users are already facing multiple numbers of bugs and issues and with this 5G connection problem, the issues continue. For now, we can only hope that the company will soon fix these issues in the upcoming update.

Affected users can also check a user’s solution HERE.

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