Some OnePlus 8 users facing several WhatsApp issues in their smartphones

OnePlus is working to fix several bugs and issues found by its users. Meanwhile, we are also familiar with some OnePlus 8 series issues which aren’t yet solved, and now we have come to know more. This time the problems are occurring in WhatsApp.

Going by the recent reports on the OnePlus community forum, many users are having multiple numbers of problems regarding WhatsApp. One of the most discussed issues on the forum is that the send button gets disappeared. The send button appears when using alphabets but does not when using the emoji keyboard.


Some more reports say that the emojis do not pop-up in the text box unless it touches the text. Following more reports, when the Keyboard is hidden it’s hard to press at the bottom – while a user said this is a known issue and the company is already working on it.

Several other reports are also been spotted on the platform regarding WhatsApp Business, parallel WhatsApp, and more. Since WhatsApp is a very common application and uses by many therefore its fix is highly in demand.

Besides this, other users are facing 5G connectivity, YouTube, app download, battery consumption, slow charging issues too. Hope the issues will soon reach the company or any staff member so that the issue will fix soon.

Note: These issues are reported on official OnePlus Forums. This report is based on the respective sources and informed by the users. In addition, the issue may be limited to some users, may not be applicable to all.

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