Some OnePlus 8 users reported having issues with battery consumption and slow charging

Back in April, OnePlus officially launched its OnePlus 8 series devices, the series includes two smartphones – OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. They came pre-installed with OxygenOS 10 but later updated to OxygenOS 11. OnePlus 8 features a 4,300mAh battery while OnePlus 8 Pro features a 4,510mAh battery.

Meanwhile, following some reports on the OnePlus community forum we have come to know that the OnePlus 8 series users are facing battery draining and slow charging issues. These devices reportedly charge slower than expected and give less battery life.


A user said that when he newly purchased OnePlus 8, his phone get fully charge from 0% in 30 minutes but after a few months of usage it is taking more than an hour. Other reports say that the OnePlus 8 gave 6 to 8 hours of on-screen time with wifi, mobile data, Bluetooth, location all on but now it’s draining fast.

Some users are also saying that their phones start lagging when the battery reaches 30%. More reports state that these issues continue after the latest OxygenOS update.

Besides this, some users are facing no bugs regarding the battery drain or slow charge while some are facing other issues related to 5G connectivity, Youtube, Whatsapp keyboard, screen brightness, app downloading, and more.

Note: These issues are reported on official OnePlus Forums. This report is based on the respective sources and informed by the users. In addition, the issue may be limited to some users, may not be applicable to all.

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