Apple iOS/iPadOS 15 official version is rolling out, Google updates a variety of apps: support focus mode and widgets

With the official release of Apple iOS 15/ iPad OS 15, developers have started to update their apps to take advantage of the new features of the new system.

Google today also announced that it will update many of its apps, including Gmail, Meet, Tasks, Maps, Home, etc for iOS 15. Google has improved the way these apps handle notifications and supports the focus mode.


When the user turns on the focus mode, unimportant notifications will be collected in the notification center instead of prompting the user. However, important tips such as navigation tips on Google Maps will not be affected by the focus mode. Google stated that its goal is to “publish relevant notifications as soon as possible” and updates will be pushed “in the next few weeks.”

At the same time, for iPad users, new versions of Google Photos and YouTube will launch multiple widgets.

Google Drive and YouTube Music will provide new Spotlight integration features. Users can use this tool to search for specific files and directly play songs in Google’s music streaming service.

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