Apple iPhone 13 may feature in-display Touch ID, foldable iPhones also in progress

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Looking at Samsung’s foldable business and the current market trend Apple is also preparing its own foldable iPhone. The company has started its early work on the iPhones foldable display. The US tech giant has also tested some prototypes of these fold iPhones.

There are several designs for the foldable iPhone that are in work including the one that unfolds to a size of 6.7-inches. Apple’s foldable is said to have different designs that make the hinge invisible with the electronics located behind the display.

Besides this, Apple is also preparing for its upcoming iPhone 13, that are as usual expected to come in the second half of this year. It is said that these new iPhones will not have any major changes in terms of design. Meanwhile, there is the latest news that suggests that the iPhone 13 could feature an in-display Touch ID scanner.

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If this in-display fingerprint scanner becomes a thing in the upcoming iPhone, it will be a major change in the iPhone and also it will be interesting to note that how secure it will be and what level of authenticity it will have.

With the launching of the iPhone X, Apple removed the Touch ID functionality from its iPhones and introduced the face recognition feature that has been very precise till now. And as the report suggests, the Cupertino tech firm could bring the Touch ID back with major upgrades.


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