Adaptation of MTK models with MIUI+ is in progress, will support MacBook: MIUI Head

According to the latest information, Xiaomi‘s MIUI+ adaptation of the MTK model is in progress. The information has confirmed by the head of the MIUI.

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Since MIUI + depends very much on the chip’s network and coding functions, so some models that can guarantee a great user experience, are listed first. The head of MIUI also confirmed that MIUI+ will be compatible with MacBook.

In the MIUI 12.5 system update, MIUI + is an important feature launched by Xiaomi. It can project a mobile phone screen to a computer and supports functions such as viewing mobile notifications on the computer, two-way synchronization of the clipboard, and file drag and drop transfer.

Currently, these features are only available in the nine models. Below you can check the list of the devices.

  1. Mi 11
  2. Mi 10 Extreme Edition
  3. Mi 10 Pro
  4. Mi 10
  5. Mi 9 Pro 5G
  6. Mi 9
  7. Redmi K30s Extreme Edition
  8. Redmi K20 Pro
  9. Redmi K30 Pro

With MIUI+, Xiaomi aims to bridge the gap between Xiaomi devices and your Windows PC. It allows users to perform activities in real-time simultaneously on two devices. There are many cool activities that have been widely opened to users.


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