Global chip shortage won’t lead to rise in semiconductor prices: French economist

The chief economist of the Asia-Pacific region of Natixis said that the global chip shortage is plagued by multiple industries and shows no signs of relief. But at the same time, the prices of various chips are unlikely to rise sharply.

Although the chip shortage has the greatest impact on automakers, in fact, the crisis has spread to all walks of life, from game consoles to televisions.

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However, different industries or products are affected differently. In fact, Alicia Garcia-Herrero, an economist at the French Foreign Trade Bank, said that some chips may even exceed demand. She also said that Chinese memory chip manufacturers are entering the low-end market and becoming a new disruptive force.

In addition, with the spread of the epidemic and the market’s increasing supply concerns, many companies have chosen to stock up on inventory, which in part led to continued shortages of chip supply.

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