Google Android 14 Weekly July 2023

Google Android 14 Weekender: Everything you need to know

Google has done several tick-tacks this week, and it’s time to get a short view of the Android 14 weekender. As the name reflects, here you will find the latest rumors, leaks, and inputs about the upcoming major Android version. So without any further ados, let’s start our exploration.

Android 14 is reaching its next platform stability point. By that time, Google has poured a variety of functionalities that promise to boost the user experience in the time ahead. On the flip side, new beta builds have also occupied the surface, but pay attention, it’s only for the Pixel owners.

Speaking of the features, Android 14 is likely to bring better stylus support, taskbar-related changes, and Swipe-to-Stop gestures for the Clock application. Perhaps, these capabilities could make their way to other branded phones with a stable release.

Talking about the Android 14 beta versions, the latest ones are the beta 3 and 3.1 updates. It is worth mentioning that the former build troubled the Pixel handset owners with fingerprint issues. However, the tech giant didn’t delay in rolling out the fix and mend the issue with the 3.1 version.

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In addition, Google also invited its users to share feedback on the latest development. It mainly regards the performance and stability aspects of the device, and what has been the experience of users after installing the new update.

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That’s just the beginning and it would be interesting to see what new features will make their way with the Android 14’s next beta firmware. Though that’s it for this week we will keep bringing the latest news and information with the Google Android 14 Weekender.

Google Android 14 Weekender

Google Android 14 Weekender: Everything you need to know

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