Google unveiled Chrome is faster browser on macOS

Google Tip: How to access password in Chrome?

As early as March, Google announced that Chrome is the fastest browser on macOS, and passed the verification of Apple’s own benchmarking tool Speedometer.


Yesterday, Google praised its browser again, saying that Chrome on the Mac is now 20% faster than it was in March, with a score of over 360. In March this year, Google’s Chrome 99 browser scored 300 on Speedometer, while Safari scored 277.

Google Tip: How to access password in Chrome?In November 2020, Google released a Chrome browser designed specifically for Apple’s M1 Mac, which runs 66% to 81% faster than the x86 version running through Rosetta 2. On the Speedometer 2.0 test at the time, the M1 Chrome scored 210, while the standard Chrome scored 116.

Google didn’t post a blog detailing the improvements, but in Chrome 99, Google introduced ThinLTO build optimizations, the V8 Sparkplug compiler, and short built-in calls for a big performance boost.


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