Honeywell launched smart mask, including LED lights, microphones, and noise-reducing Bluetooth headsets

by RPRNA Group

The new Covid-virus has forced many people to wear masks. If you must wear a mask, you might as well make it cooler. Honeywell of the United States and Black Eyed Peas lead singer launched a smart mask Xupermask that looks very cool.

Xupermask comes with LED lights, microphones, and noise-reducing Bluetooth headsets. The latter can be magnetically attached to the mask when not in use. The mask also has two 3-speed fans for ventilation and Honeywell’s high-efficiency particulate filter system.


The replaceable HEPA filter can be replaced every 30 days. Xupermask’s chief creative officer is Jose Fernandez, who has designed several of the most iconic superheroes in Hollywood, like Batman and Spiderman, and designed spacesuits for the crew of the Falcon 9 rocket.

Xupermask gives silicone face seal, elastic band, and two size options, which means that Xupermask may be suitable for various head types. The user requires to charge the mask that lasts for 7 hours, and can charge it while wearing it.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that even if the new Covid vaccine is vaccinated, it is still necessary to wear a mask in public. And there is no shortage of high-tech masks on the market.

The game company Razer previously released Project Hazel that is a transparent mask with LED lights and audio processing algorithms that can make your voice clear. LG also has a battery-powered mask with a built-in air purifier. Xupermask will be on sale on on April 8th, priced at US$299.


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