Razer launches unique cartoon snake head shape chair with different color options

by RPRNA Group

On April 8,  E-sports maker Razer released the Razer Sneki Snek headrest that is a cute gaming chair accessory that gives support to players during games. The headrest has a unique cartoon snake head shape. With iconic black and green color schemes, in the same vein as other Razer products.


This headrest is furnished with elastic straps that can be fixed on most gaming chairs. According to the news, the Lei Xiao Snake headrest is not only soft to the touch, but also fits the curve of your head and neck, gives moderate support, and can effectively reduce muscle tension and fatigue caused by playing games for a long time.

This cute thing can also give a friend-like warm hug when you want comfort. The pillowcase of the Leixiaoshe headrest can be disassembled separately, washed, and dried, which is easy to take care of.

As reported, the design of Lei Xiaosnake’s headrest comes from a sketch originally created by a Razer designer for his newborn baby. The image of Lei Xiaoshe was broadly circulated on the Internet for a while, and fans rushed to reprint it, deriving many amazing tattoos, and having fans create an exclusive page for it.


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