Huawei P30 devices could get Emui 12 in Mid April

Huawei is sending its latest EMUI 12 operating system to their eligible devices, in this row the next device will be Huawei P30 series.

Huawei will release EMUI 12 near in Mid April 2022, for Huawei P30 and P30 Pro smartphones. Now, these device owners will experience a new user interface, new features and much more.

To be mentioned, the Huawei P30 EMUI 12 rollout date for April is just an estimated rollout. Hence, the release could begin in advance in late March as well.


However, Huawei P30 devices are essential and they cannot be forgotten by the consumers as they bring powerful specifications. These phones are also eligible to receive EMUI 12, the latest EMUI version that comes with a bunch of new features including:

  1. New Control Panel with various services in one place.
  2. Notification Panel, separated from the quick settings.
  3. Better animations to provide a new user experience.
  4. Improved performance compared to EMUI 11.
  5. Better task handling for seamless app surfing.
  6. Device+ feature to manage your active smart devices.
  7. A new font management system that increases UI visibility.

EMUI 12 Beta:

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro devices are currently testing EMUI 12 under the beta program. However, the beta program is not available for all of the consumers in every market. That’s why a stable rollout will make every consumer happy.

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro are equipped with powerful software and hardware capability, specifically talking, the camera side of these devices has impressed countless people around the globe, and build quality is top in the class. Also, these are the last GMS-powered smartphones from Huawei launched in the global market.

Via – HuaweiCentral


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