Lanqi Technology released third-generation Jintide CPU to better meet needs of data center

by RPRNA Group

Lanqi Technology officially released its new third-generation Jintide CPU to better meet the needs of the data center, high-performance computing, cloud services, big data, artificial intelligence, and other application scenarios for comprehensive data Increasing demand for processing and computing power.

The third-generation Jintide CPU is a local server processor designed for the Chinese market. It is suitable for x86 general-purpose server platforms. Its function, performance, and reliability are the same as those of the third-generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processor.


Compared with the previous generation products, the third-generation Jintide CPU adopts advanced 10nm process technology, supports 64-channel PCIe 4.0, supports up to 8-channel DDR4-3200 memory, and has a maximum capacity of 6TB per slot.

The maximum number of cores is 28 cores, the maximum base frequency is 3.1GHz, and the maximum shared cache is 42MB, achieving a significant performance improvement.

Additionally, the third-generation Jintide CPU significantly improves the computing performance of various standard encryption and decryption, signature verification, data integrity, and other cryptographic applications.

Enriches the memory protection mechanism that can encrypt and protect different memory areas or the entire memory area, built-in Enhanced deep learning acceleration technology brings better artificial intelligence reasoning and training capabilities.

Along with this, the server CPU supports Lanqi Technology’s unique safety pre-detection technology, which can perform safe pre-detection of processor behavior in a trusted environment certified by Lanqi to troubleshoot processor abnormalities in predetermined application scenarios Behavior.

Thereby ensuring the safety of the processor, especially suitable for industries with high hardware safety requirements like finance, transportation, government affairs, and energy.


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