LG announced system update support list up to Android 13

by RPRNA Group

LG declared this Monday that it will shut down its mobile phone business before July 31. The official stated it will continue to roll out Android 11 operating system updates for supported models and provide Android 12 updates for some devices.


Recently, LG announced a specific list of support updates:

Android 11:

Wing, Velvet, Velvet LTE, V50S, V50, G8, Q31, Q51, Q52, Q61, Q70, Q92, Q9 One

Android 12:

Wing, Velvet, Velvet LTE, V50S, V50, G8, Q31, Q52, Q92

Android 13:

Wing, Velvet, Velvet LTE

LG Wing and LG Velvet are phones released in 2020, and LG Wing is also a dual-screen rotating phone, and LG officially plans to launch an Android 13 update for them.

But the official also stated that if there are any major problems with the Android 12 update during the testing process, LG may abandon its plan to release the update.


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