Nintendo isn’t interested to talk about increasing production of Switch and pushing high-end models

Nintendo affiliates admitted in an interview with Nikkei that they are considering expanding production, and Nintendo is expected to launch high-end models that support high-definition picture quality. Nintendo’s head of publicity said: “No comment on production and high-end models.”

According to Nikkei News, Nintendo will increase the production of this Switch to approximately 30 million units this fiscal year, setting a record high for flagship gaming devices, and trying to use the current fiery demand to drive growth.

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It is reported that Nintendo has currently communicated with a number of parts suppliers on plans to accelerate production and expand output. According to reports, Nintendo is preparing to take an unusual step. In response to some competing products (PS5) that appeared last year, they will release a follow-up Switch with better graphics performance.

Since the global launch of Nintendo Switch in 2017, about 80 million units have been sold by the end of 2020. Coupled with Nintendo’s estimated total for this fiscal year, Nintendo Switch sales are expected to reach 110 million units, surpassing Wii’s recording.


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