OnePlus 6T HarmonyOS software adaptation progress moves a step ahead

OnePlus 6T HarmonyOS software progress

OnePlus 6T has lost the official OxygenOS software support, but the device is making good progress in HarmonyOS adaptation. In the latest development, the 6T smartphone is showing improvement in Wi-Fi services and browser-related operations.

Earlier, we mentioned that a developer is trying to install the HarmonyOS software on the OnePlus 6T handset. Accordingly, the user opts for OpenHarmonyOS 3.0 Beta 5 with Linux 6.1 kernel. At that time, the phone effectively supported booting, GPU functions, and a display system with a few bugs.

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Now the same user @Algoldeas at station B has flashed some more light on the topic and said that OnePlus 6T HarmonyOS software adaptation progress has moved a step ahead. Eventually, the phone is initially working fine with the WiFi facilities.

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On the side hand, the developer also tried to test a browser app under the same WiFi network. Notably, the results are quite interesting. Although the device has shown some buggy effects while working with the WiFi and Demo browser application.

However, the overall performance is more efficient than previous test results. It won’t be wrong to say that OnePlus devices can proficiently perform with the Huawei-based HarmonyOS operating system.

OnePlus 6T HarmonyOS software progress

Speaking of the observations, the developer shared two new videos, displaying the WiFi and browser running capabilities of the OnePlus 6T device. Consequently, the video defines that there are still many bugs present in the system. Besides, the sound has not been adapted so far.

OnePlus 6T HarmonyOS software progress

Apart from the clips, the developer released the open-source GPU library for the Qualcomm series freedreno, which is adapted to OpenHarmony. You can check the details through the link given HERE.

Though the overall functioning of the handset is better than before, we could find more improvements in this segment in the time ahead. After OxygenOS, the adaptation of HarmonyOS software is going well for the time being. It would be interesting to see what new tweaks will the device bring with the new operating system.

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