What to do if your OnePlus phone is affected by Trojans?

Don’t think that only your computer is affected by malware, now your Android smartphone is also impacted. These malware or Trojans are slowly damaging your OnePlus device and even making it difficult to use your mobile phone. These days Trojans are slowly becoming a serious threat to the Android ecosystem.


As we know these Trojans have existed for a long time and are not specific to Android. You will be very shocked that Google’s own Play Store should be pretty secure, and it usually is, but there always seems to be a way for malware to get inside.

Some of these Trojans aren’t dangerous at first, but updating only makes things worse. Many of these Trojans have become malicious after an update. Each app basically offers another new feature. You can play it safe and stick to well-known programs of big companies, but you should not limit yourself to that.

Even the smartest app on the Play Store should be installable if it looks interesting enough. It would be ideal if Google could stop this completely, but we know it’s not possible. If such apps can reach hundreds of thousands of devices before they are removed, that’s a problem.

What to do if your OnePlus phone is affected by Trojans?

After confirming that your phone is under malware attack, turn off your phone completely by holding down the Power button. Malware can’t stop the damage, but it can prevent the problem from getting worse. It can also block continued tries of malware to access nearby networks.

If you know of any specific infected program that brought malware to your device. Or if you know of any other types of software that may have been downloaded without your consent. If you can’t find the app causing the problem, you can’t uninstall it.

In some cases, you may not be able to uninstall the desired program. In fact, you may not even have the option to remove it. Instead, you’ll see Disable in the menu. Very smart programs can hack administrator settings. You may have given your own administrative settings to prevent the app from being deleted.