OnePlus should upgrade its camera system and features more

OxygenOS 12.1 Super Macro Mode

Over the past few years, expectations have risen for full-screen, bezel-less displays. For some reason, we’ve seen some displays with a notch for the front-facing camera, followed by the popular waterdrop-style notch, and now punch-hole displays are on trend. But, now the display technology is taking the lead and we are seeing that OnePlus should upgrade its camera system and features.


These days, every smartphone brand working hard to add more new camera technologies and features. Though the Oneplus smartphone comes with tweaked camera settings a bit but still something is missing there. In way to add more camera features the Chinese brand joined the hand with Hasselblad for three years.

Type of Camera Sensors 

Talking about the camera sensors of the OnePlus smartphone consist of one main camera, an Ultra-Wide camera, a Telephoto camera, and a Monochrome camera for taking pictures from different camera angles.

OxygenOS 12.1 Super Macro Mode

Maybe you know or not but with the OnePlus 10 Pro the brand brings the 150-degree camera mode. Well, this is one of the interesting features that the company has implemented in any OnePlus phone. If you have a OnePlus 10 Pro smartphone, you probably know how to switch to the standard 150-degree camera mode.

It uses the same normal viewfinder keys as other phones. But to use 150-degree wide-angle mode, you have to go to more options, select the feature called 150, hold the icon and finally drag it to the main camera menu. You can swipe like in portrait or night mode.

OnePlus 10 Pro’s 150-degree camera mode adds a wider field of view to your photos than the standard wide-angle mode. This feature adds detail to landscape photos, but when used judiciously, it can create equally impressive photos, whether taken up close or in person.

OnePlus should upgrade its camera system and features more

However, it is true that OnePlus has brought significant changes and modifications to its smartphone designs and features but still, there is room for improvement. The first thing that OnePlus can do is – a OnePlus phone with a full-fledged smartphone screen with under-display cameras.

Expecting OnePlus phone with an Under-Display Camera (UDC)!

Smartphones with under-display cameras present a unique challenge as pixels in the display area just above the camera disappear when the front-facing camera is activated. No, but which display manufacturers are you currently working with?

If you’ve ever seen a device with UDC technology, the display temporarily turns off pixels in certain areas to allow the front camera to move forward, then turns those pixels back on when the front camera is removed. It completely relies on software optimization to achieve the required performance of the under-display camera.

OnePlus Under-Display Camera

In addition, it uses artificial intelligence algorithms to adjust contrast, exposure, and other dynamic factors before taking pictures, ensuring that the camera works well in a variety of lighting conditions. OnePlus smartphones now adopt several methods to make the phone’s display bezel-less but now we are expecting an under-display camera.

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