Huawei patents a new smart car tech that can measure water depth to avoid risk of wading

Huawei always gets into new kinds of innovative technologies and as such Huawei patents a new tech that can determine the depth of inert water. This vehicle-related patent can give Huawei a lead over the other OEMs for making fully secure smart vehicles.

This patent carries publication number CN113168535A and is entitled as “method and device for determining the depth of inert water”. Check the full explanation of this technology below.

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Huawei patent

Understanding this Huawei patents in detail

According to the patent abstract, the Chinese tech giant has launched this technology to reduce the difficulty of operating a vehicle in water-prone areas. It has its own procedure to follow which is mentioned below.

  • This tech captures the images of the present inert water road >> analyze the situation based on the image.
  • It then tries to find out the location of the edge of the inert water
  • Analyzes the road slope and the angle
  • Finally, it uses some algorithms and measures the most accurate depth of the area.

This piece of information can be very useful if you haven’t been to a water-prone area. It can save you before you put your vehicle into trouble without having any idea before handed.

This tech can determine the spatial location, road slope angle, and position, maximum and minimum water depth, and other such valuable info. This new technology will be very useful for the autonomous driving system, increasing its capabilities.

Moreover, it will also cover the internet of vehicles which include vehicle outreach V2X, long-term evolution of vehicle communication technology LTE-V, Vehicles-vehicles V2V, etc.

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