Microsoft revealed a new Windows 11 application store for Windows 10 users

According to the latest report, Windows 10 beta testers may have noticed that there is an update to a store application. The fact that Microsoft is launching a new Windows 11 application store for Windows 10 users has been confirmed by Rudy Huyn.

Rudy Huyn, a Microsoft Store-related staff member, said that there is exciting news that the new Microsoft Store modern design, support for Win32 applications, Disney + movies, and more are now available to Windows 10 internal testers.

Moreover, Rudy Huyn emphasized that the new Microsoft App Store will strongly support Win32 applications. However, the new app store on Windows 10 may not support Android subsystem apps on the shelves.

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According to Microsoft, the new Microsoft Store brings together users’ favorite applications and entertainment items here. Through the selection and collection, the Microsoft Store can make it easier to search and discover new content. Now, brand-new applications such as Canva, Disney+, Zoom, and Epic Game Store from partners have been launched in the Microsoft Store.

Furthermore, the Windows 11 application store also provides a new developer strategy, which is now open to all third-party application stores. Developers can submit unpackaged desktop applications Win32 to the market to support MSI software packages. Epic Games and Amazon have been able to bypass Microsoft’s commercial platform and are not drawn by Microsoft.

Besides,  Microsoft officially gives third-party developers great “freedom” in policy, allowing Win32, .NET, UWP, Xamarin, Electron, React Native, Java, and even Progressive Web Apps to be listed, and almost no with a commission, developers who use third-party payments can get 100% of the income.