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ColorOS 11 Tips and Tricks: How to swipe down for notifications in Oppo Find X3 phones?

It may seem like an unimportant thing to activate but with a big screen of Oppo Find X3 phones, reaching to the top to drag down your notifications can be a pain.

And due to the tradition of ColorOS which is still present in its 11 version, swiping down on a Home Screen drops down the Oppo search tool by default which is more annoying.

To make it easier to reach your notifications, you can activate the ‘swipe down to get your notifications’ feature in a very simple way with just a few clicks.

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Pinch on your Home Screen and then swipe across on the little bar that pops up until you see ‘More’.

Now tap that and select ‘Swipe down on Home Screen’ and choose ‘notification drawer’. Now, whenever you swipe down on your Home Screen you’ll get to your notifications and the quick settings tile.

It is good to have notifications instead of Oppo search because it feels like an ad that usually activates with gestures. By following the above steps you will not be going to see this again, making a clean user experience.

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