OnePlus next flagship should be home to best OxygenOS software experience

OnePlus flagship OxygenOS software

OnePlus is busy with innovative creations these days. From the ultimate OnePlus 11 to the upcoming Nord products, the company is trying to implement the best techs in its gadgets. Although, it would be much better if the next OnePlus flagship will appear with OxygenOS software rollout improvements.

No doubt, OxygenOS 13 has a bunch of features packed in its bag to offer an immersive user experience. On the side hand, the OS is capable to protect your privacy and confidential elements more effectively than previous upgrades.

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While many users praise OxygenOS 13 for its customizations and amazing perks, the majority contains sufferers that frequently complain about bugs and issues in their OnePlus devices.

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Moreover, we have also heard terms like OxygenOS 13 upgrade is more of OPPO-fied software rather than OnePlus, due to its ColorOS-related codebase. Though the updates provide a fast and smooth experience, we cannot deny the fact that it doesn’t have any unique character.

This is the reason, why OnePlus fans often get disappointed with the OxygenOS 13 iterations. And it’s time when the company should think of a new OnePlus flagship that could be based on original OxygenOS software updates.

OnePlus flagship OxygenOS software

In other words, which could bring the original stock Android experience back to users, just like the one we observed with OOS 11.

The Chinese tech maker could make changes and remove some of the features related to ColorOS from its iterations. Further, it may take inspiration from other Android-based skins such as One UI which is running at the top in the software world.

In the meantime, we are hearing tweaks for the OxygenOS 13.1 on the user’s surface. Thus, we hope that the company will show some differences and effective features over the 13th build.

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