User Interface needs real attention in OnePlus OxygenOS 14

OnePlus OxygenOS 14 user interface

OxygenOS 14 will uproot the giant Android 14 and will bring impressive features on board, but a significant element that needs real improvements is the user interface in OnePlus phones. That’s not only us but users who believe that this segment requires some worthy attention.

In the meantime, we heard many users dealing with the difficulty of app drawer in their OnePlus handsets, with the hope that things will resolve with upcoming OxygenOS updates. However, it seems like the tech maker never turned its eyes that way.

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Another attentive component is customizations. Though OOS 13 adds a bunch of features to its UI that outperform many Android-based skins on the surface. However, often users struggle either with font style, AOD section, or swipe gestures which, in the end, only results in a degraded experience.

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Thus, its time OnePlus should improve the app drawer and other parts of the user interface with OxygenOS 14. While the app drawer individually needs more efficiency in functioning, the entire user interface should be more secure and safer to go with.

OnePlus OxygenOS 14 user interface

Since the 13.1 version may appear as a minor update, we cannot expect big changes with it. Although modifications like these could be possible with the 14th upgrade.

Adding some points to this concept, a OnePlus user pinned out three wishes and asked the company to fulfill them with the upcoming OxygenOS build. Consequently, the two of these wishes comprise the app drawer, while the one counts on AOD.

  • A drawer that is closable via a swipe-down gesture
  • 5 columns in the app drawer
  • single tap to see AOD options

To be noted, the user mentioned that these features were present in the previous versions of OxygenOS. But after the ColorOS merger, things took a different turn and dumped these points.

For sure, there would be more points that users would like to see with the OxygenOS 14 in the time ahead. So! what are your three wishes that the company should grant with the next major upgrade? Battery, bugs, or anything else? Let us know in the comment section.

OnePlus OxygenOS 14 user interface

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