Apple Maps upgrade with EV routing in iOS 15.4 update

Apple Maps iOS 15.4 update

Apple brings a new feature of EV routing for its Maps application with iOS 15.4 firmware update. The update appears for the electronic vehicles helping them to plan out the routes accordingly. Besides, one can also prefer CarPlay which has the same feature and can get linked to your iPhone easily.

The American manufacturer keeps itself on track to release the best features for its products. And one such offering is over here with Apple Maps iOS 15.4 update. Consequently, the feature is able to scrutinize the variation in elevation as well as the charging points for your vehicle. However, consumers with eligible automobiles will only be able to enjoy the benefits of this feature.

Activation of EV routing in Apple Maps

For activating the exclusive feature, the user requires CarPlay. CarPlay is an Apple’s-owned system that helps users drive their cars more safely and smartly. It simply replicates the car access (such as display, directions, and controls) on an iOS device. One only has to follow the following steps to enable the feature:

  • Link your iPhone to vehicle and turn on CarPlay
  • Choose a destination on Apple Maps
  • A message will appear notifying about “EV routing”
  • Enable the “EV routing” option

Now you’re all set to start up your journey. The fearture will inform you about the charge and charging point for your vehicle. You can further, add the stops of charging points in Apple Maps.

Apple Maps iOS 15.4 update

Eligibility Criteria

One must have a Carplay connection to the iPhone for the knowledge of battery level. Moreover, the feature is intended only for Mustang Mach-E users for now with the following points:

  1. 2022 Model Year (MY)
  2. 2021 MY with the following SYNC®** software versions (see Checking Your SYNC 4A Software Version):
  • 21281_PRODUCT.244
  • 22028_PRODUCT.358
  • 22034_PRODUCT.364

According to our source, Khaos, the official website of Ford also reveals the feature providing the acknowledgment of how an individual can utilize this benefit. The company also reveals its future plans to release the feature for other vehicles as well. You can learn more about the feature on the official support page of Apple.

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