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Google Messages now allow users to schedule text, just like Telegram

by Ashish

Google has its own messaging service known as Google Messages which comes pre-installed with Google Pixel devices and this service is also available with several Android phones. You can access this messaging app on your Android device then you can also download it from the Play Store.

If you are busy or have a problem with remembering things such as your friend’s birthday or any other important information that you might want to convey to other people, that’s no worries now.

Looking at the current trend where people often forget things, Google has released a new feature for its messaging service through which users can schedule messages whenever they want.

This new feature is denoted by ‘Schedule Send’ in Google’s messaging app. It is already available on Telegram which is now becoming popular due to the controversial policies of WhatsApp.

This feature was first available for a limited number of users and now it is getting expanded to other devices as well. It is easy to use, check below how you can use this feature.

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How to send a scheduled text on google Messages

  • Open Google Message app
  • Tap on the contact or select start chat
  • Type the test you want to send
  • Press and hold the send button in the bottom right corner
  • Choose the exact time when you want to send the message
  • Once done tap on the send button and your text will be sent at the given time

The application also allows you to further edit the scheduled message, delete it permanently and also send it immediately.

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